Sutras To Overcome Depression


One who suffers from stress and depression cannot live in completion. For stress makes life devoid of vitality and zest. Such is the darkness of stress that it doesn’t let the effulgence of joy & happiness illuminate one’s life. Where the grandeur of knowledge and wisdom could bring about a cascade of bliss in life, modern man’s inappropriate lifestyle and ignorance has filled life with worry, anxiety, depression and stress. Be it a child, young or an old, person of every age is afflicted with these. To be able to get rid of any ailment, one must first become aware of its existence. But more often than not, what happens is that stressful people believe they are 'definitely not' stressed out! And this makes matters worse! In this DVD ‘Sutras to Overcome Depression’ revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa explains stress & depression in detail and offers efficacious ways to deal with them. Acquainting one and all with various aspects of stress, this riveting talk touches upon the symptoms and causes of stress as well as its adverse effects along with the tools to practice your way out of it. This riveting talk acquaints one and all with the various aspects of this universal silent killer. It elaborates the causes and symptoms of stress as well as its adverse effects. Most importantly, it offers the tools which can liberate from its insidious clutches so as to live this precious life with vibrant health, happiness and wisdom.