The Path Of Yoga


In modern times yoga has become synonymous with merely physical postures, under-rating its fundamental purpose, whereas it is a practical, methodical and systematic discipline which aims to help the aspirant realise true nature. The Path Of Yoga, celebrating this ancient tradition, is a tribute to all rishis and sages over the millennia who selflessly disseminated this science of human evolution for the welfare of mankind. It gives the insightful exposition of the eight progressive limbs of yoga, as delineated by Rishi Patanjali in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras – yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi. Extolling the path of yoga as a spiritual discipline, revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa explains how this journey begins from moral codes of conduct to invigorating asana, then pranayama, calming the mind and subsequently leading to internalisation of the senses. This integration enables one to deal with the challenges and obstacles on the path. It facilitates exploration of the deeper recesses of the mind, body and self, eventually culminating into the absorption of mind, samadhi. From being a self-centred, egotistical person to becoming a selfless, illuminated, enlightened yogi, this mystical and intriguing journey is well within the reach of one and all, under the guidance of a realised master.