Secrets Of Mantra, Breathing & Initiation


What is a mantra? What's the significance of mantra & mantra-chanting? What's the right method of mantra-chanting? How does it affect our mind? There is a profound science behind mantras which is amazingly awe-inspiring and intriguing. Knowing & understanding it fills one with immense gratitude for this great benediction of our sages & seers and offers inspiration to practice with perseverance. Each and every sacred word of a mantra is imbued with powerful vibrations to internalise the mind and bestow immense strength & single-pointed focus. And there is a very deep connection between mantra-chanting & the corresponding breathing pattern. Many more insightful revelations have been encapsulated in these talks by the revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. Besides, the myth-breaking talk on the essence of Shiva, Guru and Initiation is yet another eye-opener. The truth is that until a master unravels the mysteries and removes darkness of mind with the lightning bolt of wisdom, one remains deluded in his own make-believe world of concepts. Along with clarity and understanding, these talks offer highly effective tools to practice in life, so as to evolve and soar higher...

(from the talks held in 2011 at New Jersey, Harrisburg, Dallas)