Teesra Kinara


The grace of wisdom is the real benediction. This is what is beautifully enveloped in Teesra Kinara making it a quintessence of higher wisdom for all those who are seeking to understand the deeper realities of life. Heart gets filled with immense gratitude for the master, who out of sheer compassion objectifies the abstract, so as to bestow the mystical vision to the seeker. The pearls of wisdom beaded in this album encompass the lucid revelations of Prakriti, Paramatma, Jeeva, and more. It also includes the elucidation on the role of suffering in the conscious evolution of the seeker and the significance of disciple-hood on the path of self-realisation. Another pearl is that of Durga Rahasya which demystifies the mystery of the real nature of Devi Durga. It's actually a mystery, because what is generally perceived is not what it is. Let this mystical shore of higher wisdom give you clarity of vision as you move further on your journey within...