Rang Pyar De

Set of 3DVDs

Baba Bulleh Shah personified an exquisite amalgam of love, devotion and wisdom. It was his meeting with the great master, Hazrat Inayat Shah, which brought about an incredible transformation in his life. Before meeting his master he had extensive knowledge of words, but not the divine experience of sublime love. And then his heart got so stirred with the love of his master that in his couplets he lovingly calls his master as Ranjha and himself as Heer. Such was the beauty of their relationship, filled with the mesmerising hues - pangs of separation, bliss of surrender, ecstasy of communion...
His life, his love, his experiences, his relationship with his master, all come alive in these discourses by beloved master, Anandmurti Gurumaa. The elaboration interspersed with the musical renditions of Baba Bulleh Shah's kafis takes one to the era when it all happened, thus one transcends the realm of time and astonishingly witnesses the unfolding of this venerable sufi fakir's life...