Understanding The Mechanisms Of Body & Mind


Every one wishes for happiness but leaves no stone unturned to invite unhappiness in life. Simply because one is running outward in this mad pursuit of happiness, whereas the way is inward. The world is so alluring that one hardly gets time to even ponder over the real concerns, to look within is a far away possibility. But then words of a master are like the doors which open within rather than without. And if one sincerely listens, explores and practices them, then one begins to walk on the pathways of calmness and bliss. It asks for keen exploration on the part of the seeker - exploring & understanding the mechanisms of one's own body & mind. And this is what is offered in these talks by Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa. She has so lucidly explicated the functioning of mind that it becomes easier for even a novice to understand the apparently complex mechanisms. With the inclusion of sutras from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita for managing body, mind, senses and intellect, this collection of talks has become a treasured gift for all those who wish to know and walk the path of rising above one's mind.

(from the talks held in 2011 at New Jersey, Harrisburg, Dallas)