Shri Ram Lakshman Samvaad

Set of 3 DVDs

The embodiment of virtue, the epitome of righteousness, we can go on and on yet the glory of Sri Rama would not get fully expressed. He is well known to personify the sublime characteristics of piety, nobility, graciousness and ultimate perfection, but rarely does one know about Sri Rama as a Sadguru who dispelled ignorance of Lakshman. It is in the great epic of Ramcharitmanas that we encounter a profound dialogue between Sri Rama & Lakshman wherein Lakshman, with the attitude of complete surrender, seeks to know the deeper realities and Sri Rama with oceanic compassion bestows the highest knowledge. The questions that have been bewildering seekers were eloquently verbalised by Lakshman viz. What is wisdom? What is dispassion? What is Maya? Who is Ishwar? Who is Jeeva? How are they separate and how are they one? The profound answers that Sri Rama gave thousands of years ago in Treta Yuga have been brought alive by Anandmurti Gurumaa for seeker of today’s times. Contemplating these dialogues, the aspirant longing for emancipation will be able to move further on the path of self-realisation. This treasure trove of 3 DVD’s has been drawn from the talks given by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa during Amrit Varsha held in 2013 at Faridabad.