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Set of 3 DVDs

Jashn-e-Kabir, as the name signifies, is a celebration of the great revolutionary mystic Kabir, lovingly addressed by revered Gurumaa as Sahib. His life, his exalted work, his profound yet simple expression of wisdom, all come alive in this intriguing talk series by Anandmurti Gurumaa. It takes us back to those times when Kabir Sahib spoke these hard-hitting words potent enough to bring about awakening from slumber of ignorance. What he said seemed simple, but what he meant is absolutely beyond common perception, until heard and understood from a realised master.
This 3 DVD set is a treasure trove signifying zenith of wisdom as well as bliss of celebration. It includes insightful expositions of 'Des begaana hai', 'Khasam bin taili ko bail bhayo', 'Hansa yeh pinjara nahin tera', which ignite the fire of detachment and dispassion in the hearts of listeners. It also includes exquisite expression of divine hymns like 'Mori chunari pe', 'Paani mein meen pyaasi', 'Avadhoo so jan hamka bhaave', which fill the heart with love and intense devotion. To put it aptly, Jashn-e-Kabir is a confluence of enigmatic masters, sharing the liberating wisdom with one and all. It was a three-day event which took place from 23rd to 25th September in New Delhi, and shall be remembered for as long as we keep reflecting on...