Happiness is that eternal quest, rudimentary in nature, which has been taking man on a spree of endless pursuits and explorations in the external world. Whatever one does, be it adventurous or simple, ultimate goal of every action comes down to seeking happiness. What one fails to realise is that these scraps of pleasure and happiness that one derives from sensory titillation are ephemeral, delusory and illusory. This is the reason why even after achieving so-called goals, climbing the ladder of success, fulfilling desires, one still feels that underlying sense of discontentment and emptiness. And not being able to figure out the real cause of this hollow feeling, one masks it further by engrossing into the futile pursuits to satiate the hankerings. Thus, the vicious cycle keeps going on without awareness of the fact that happiness doesn't arise from external objects but from indwelling ocean of bliss. It is not contingent upon the circumstances, objects or people. It is not be achieved outside but discovered within. All this and more has been thoroughly addressed in these thought-provoking talks by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. They make one question the essence of happiness, what it entails, what’s its true source and how to be in bliss that never ceases, never fades, never changes…