Dil Wich Rab Disda

Set of 4DVDs

The sufi mystic Baba Sheikh Farid's life embodies the innocence, the seeking, the dedication, the surrender, the divine communion and much more. The signs of his mysticism had begun to appear from his childhood days. The anecdotes and stories from his life, his spiritual quest, his meeting with his master, his wisdom - all gets vivid expression in these heart-melting talks by Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa. His hymns depicting varied sentiments, when rendered so exquisitely by beloved Gurumaa, inspire the same feelings in the heart of the listener. These hymns that were composed so many ages ago strike a blissful chord even today and will keep on resonating beyond time, in the heart yearning to be one with all that is. So, let your heart be the dwelling place of the beloved Lord and rejoice in the ensuing ecstasy, as you watch this classic collection of discourses that took place in 2005.