Saajanra is how a lover calls out to the beloved, a devotee calls out to the Lord, a seeker calls out to That. Featuring LIVE video recordings of the mesmerising bhajans rendered by beloved Anandmurti Gurumaa, this bouquet of love is a cascade of longing and celebration. Such is the shower of celebration that it washes away the grime of ego and leaves behind the fragrance of surrender & silence. Bhajans that are part of this bouquet are actually a progression of the journey of a seeker. Beginning with the call of Saajanra wherein the seeker realises that what he has been seeking outside has always been present right within him, the journey moves on to give shape to the determined resolve to be on the path with Teri Raahon Pe Chalti Rahoongi. And with this new lease of life the seeker celebrates being in the grace of the true master which is exquisitely expressed in Bin bhaagaan Satsang Na Labbeh, and then comes the entrancing sankirtan Raja Ram Bolo that ignites the plenteous energy into the listener. The ending note of Aaj Rang Hai is an outpouring of bliss that colours the life, the being of the seeker culminating his journey within. Let these expressions journey you through the beautiful sentiments encapsulated in them.