Astitva Se Mulaqaat

Set of 5DVDs & 1 MP3 CD

What is meant by Shivaratri? Who is Shiva? Who is Shakti? Are Shiva & Shakti the deities of reverence or they have some symbolic significance as well. Unraveling the mysteries of inner world, this collection titled Astitva se Mulaqaat, is a must have for every sincere seeker who is dedicated to the path of salvation. The foremost question that arises is how would one have a rendezvous with one's real self when the storms of wants & desires are creating deadly havoc inside. It is the outpouring of compassionate master's wisdom which shows the way to rise above the mundane and seek the ultimate. And it needs a dedicated spiritual practice on the part of the seeker. But, first one must have crystallised understanding. This is what is offered in this collection of five DVDs, featuring Shivratri satsangs, plus one MP3, featuring audio of all five DVDs. The five titles in this set are - Shiva Ka Ek Rupa Andhkaar, Shiva-Shakti Ki Milap Ratri, Jeevant Shivaratri, Har Jeeva Hai Gauri - Shankar, Aunkar Shiva. More you listen and watch, more you discover the inherent profound meanings and essence of this occasion.