Kya Hai Sadhuta


Life is so short and the Himalayan task of coming out of the clutches of mind is so huge that one lifetime is not enough. The way is arduous and the guidance of the Guru is the only light on the path to wakefulness. This mind is so clever and cunning that it does not want to die. When we shine the torch of awareness on it, the shadows of mind start melting away. Without that, however, we are just caught up in its traps - of sleep, of justifications and of excuses to stay stuck in the negative states of mind. In this insightful talk Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa explains the prerequisite of steadfast commitment and determined resolve to execute this task of dispelling the darkness of ignorance. She further elaborates on the significance of sadhana and the indispensible role of dedication and persistance in the life of a spiritual aspirant. Besides, it also addresses the pertinent questions viz. What entails the ancient tradition of 'sadhu' way of life? What makes one a sadhu? How does one reconcile family life with spiritual pursuit? Explore more in this video talk.