Kabir - The Maverick Mystic (Set-1)

Set of 5DVDs & 1 MP3 CD

Kabir Sahib defied all boundaries and dared to speak up against ignorance and egotism. He expressed the truth in his unique way with much valour and audacity. Nothing could tie him down or daunt his revolutionary zeal. His hard-hitting words resonate even today but it is not easy to comprehend their depth with ordinary understanding. Only an awakened being can decipher the inherent meanings of his profound words which hold in itself the keys of inner mysteries. Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa has eloquently elucidated the cryptic verses of Kabir Sahib with such depth that the piercing wisdom percolate in our heart & mind, guiding us further on the path. Her illuminating expositions are chronicled in two sets titled Kabir. This is the first set in the series, comprising 5 DVDs and 1 MP3 (compilation of 5 DVDs).