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25 Dec 2019
29 Dec 2019
Amrit Varsha
27 Feb 2020
01 Mar 2020
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The book ‘Shivoham’ by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa unravels the essence of Adi Shankaracharya’s immortal composition ‘Nirvanashatakam.’ It is a compilation of discourses conducted by Gurumaa during a 10 day meditation retreat in Rishikesh in 2002. Lucidly and eloquently, the revered master decodes the profound significance hidden in these cryptic verses, which capture the quintessence of Vedanta. Through this book, Gurumaa takes us on the inspiring adventure to know our true self, an insightful journey that transcends duality and invokes the wisdom that frees us from ignorance and suffering. It brings alive the fragrance of these timeless verses, evoking a sense of grandeur and glory as to the true nature of our being, which is pristine, eternal, unchangeable and imperishable.

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Dance in love and devotion of Sri Krishna with ecstatic rendition of Kanhaiya Jadu Kar Gaya by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. Drawn from the recent Amrit Varsha, Bhakti Ras Madhuri, held at Vrindavan. Connect with the master on Facebook/AnandmurtiGurumaa and Twitter@gurumaa. To stay updated about new videos subscribe to our YouTube Channel/GurumaaAshram.


Anandmurti Gurumaa

Anandmurti GurumaaAn awakened being, a profound mystic and a contemporary master, Anandmurti Gurumaa is an exquisite synthesis of love and wisdom. Out of sheer compassion she has been bestowing upon people the greatest gift ever viz. guiding them from dark bondages of ignorance to the effulgence of liberating wisdom. Her pragmatic teachings are a great source of guidance for innumerable people from all walks of life leading to the clarity of mind, facilitating harmonious living and showing the way to rise above mundane lifestyle. She has extensively spoken on myriad subjects like mind, meditation, emotions, health, indulgence, reality, God etc. and given erudite commentaries on numerous scriptures including Srimad Bhagawad Gita, Sri Guru Gita, Gurbani to name a few. She has devised a vast array of meditation methods to foster the growth of all those seeking to delve within, written several books of wisdom and given remarkably in-depth eloquent discourses on numerous sages from diverse backgrounds – then whether it is Buddha, Kabir or Rumi, Sikh Gurus, Sufi mystics or Zen masters, Meerabai, Sahajobai and the list goes on. Her discourses, meditation retreats and workshops are held from time to time at different places across the globe, open to every earnest seeker.

Rishi Amrit

November 2019
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Rehras Sahib
Rehras Sahib Rehras Sahib

Rehras Sahib is the enlightening bani from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. It is a prayer that encapsulates the collection of hymns by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Amardas Ji, Guru Ramdas Ji and Guru Arjan Dev Ji. It is intended to add new zeal & vigour to the body and mind, so as to strengthen the person from all aspects. The devout recitation of these verses connects the devotee with the all-pervading divinity, suffusing one with immense grace & benediction. The exposition of this bani by Anandmurti Gurumaa brings one closer to the essential message that great masters intended to give to the mankind. It is a beautiful gift for all those who wish to understand and bring into practice the essence of this blissful bani.

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Karuna Hridya
The greatest gift is to give people your enlightenment, to share it.'
Most people would have probably heard the word 'Buddha', and again most would equate it to the prince Gautama Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism. This 'Buddha' is well known to people from all parts of the world, given the large global following of Buddhism including the allied school of Zen Buddhism. However, the word 'Buddha' literally means 'the enlightened one'. And moreover, we all have the potential of becoming a Buddha, or rather realising our Buddha nature.
There are several books readily available on Buddhism delving into all aspects - historical facts, spiritual teachings, sutras, light reading for the casual reader, and profound discussions for the more cerebrally inclined. Then what is different about this book, what can another author say that has not already been said, you may ask. Well, this is no ordinary author. This is not another literary scholar who has studied the scriptures, interpreted the knowledge, and presented his or her own understanding of the scriptural texts. This is an enlightened master who has actually, literally, firsthand experienced the veritable truth - the same truth that was experienced by Gautama Siddhartha and all other enlightened masters. After all, truth is not of different kinds. There is only one universal truth. And the one who has experienced that truth, has shattered his ignorance forever, broken free of all bondages and delusions, is a Buddha. Revered Anandmurti Gurumaa is one such living Buddha. So, in effect, a 'Buddha' has written about, not only the Buddha that Gautama Siddhartha was, but the Buddha that resides within all of us. It cannot get more authentic than that! Furthermore, the language is simple as this is a compilation of live discourses given to a gathering of masses from all walks of life. These talks have been compiled in two volumes of books titled Dhamma – Jeevan Aadhaar and Karun Hridya.
In addition to this, there are references made to other enlightened masters from all parts of the world, other religions as well. And who can have a better authority to do so than Anandmurti Gurumaa - who, as she so emphatically states, is completely religion-less! Hence, it doesn't matter at all whether the reader is a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jew or indeed anyone else. This book is meant for all those who want to tread the journey from the Buddha without to within. Indeed, what can be more valuable than guiding people towards permanent eradication of their ignorance and suffering? And that is what Anandmurti Gurumaa is doing - giving the greatest gift to mankind, by sharing her enlightenment.
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