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Yoga & Maun Sadhana
10 Jun 2015
14 Jun 2015
Amrit Varsha
21 Jun 2015
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What you are seeking is within. To take you within is Antaryatra. It offers a wholesome program to acquaint...

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"Everyone aspires for good health – even if they themselves don’t know it! Ask any rich but sick man what would he rather have: health or wealth? If one has to make a choice, unless one is raving mad, no one will opt for the latter. Good health gives you the freedom to live this precious life to the fullest, with exuberance. And it is indeed very much possible to stave off illness and keep this gift of human body in shipshape. All one has to do is follow some sensible, time tested guidelines that were developed by our ancient sages in the form of Ayurveda. Our wise sages knew that we cannot make a part well unless the whole is well. Hence, Ayurveda is aimed at keeping our whole being healthy – body, senses, mind and intellect. It is the most complete holistic medical science in the world. The endeavour, through this book, is to introduce the basic principles of Ayurveda for the masses at large. It is a generic introduction to the fundamentals of Ayurveda, dealing with maintaining good health and prevention, diagnosis as well as treatment of diseases. The reader will come to know the meaning of health, how to maintain it, how to adapt to seasonal changes, understand the causes of diseases and make use of simple home remedies for common ailments, taking due consultation from an Ayurvedacharya wherever needed. Take care of the whole, and the part will take care of itself!"

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The wayward mind, entrapped in the objects of the world, ensnared in worldly preoccupations, with its compulsive, obsessive thinking, rarely, if ever, turns inwards to savour the true bliss lying at its core. And it is this bliss which manifests when one is blessed to be in the divine presence of the master, the Sadguru, a benediction in itself. Bliss overflows as the mind, usually battling anger, burning in frustration, boiling in rage, greed and hatred and overcome by delusion experiences quietude, tranquility and repose. The featured shabad by beloved master Anandmurti Gurumaa beautifully expresses the disciple’s love and devotion, sincerity and surrender for the Sadguru. It has been drawn from the series of discourses held in Kanpur, 2014.


Anandmurti Gurumaa

Anandmurti GurumaaAn awakened being, a profound mystic and a contemporary master, Anandmurti Gurumaa is an exquisite synthesis of love and wisdom. Out of sheer compassion she has been bestowing upon people the greatest gift ever viz. guiding them from dark bondages of ignorance to the effulgence of liberating wisdom. Her pragmatic teachings are a great source of guidance for innumerable people from all walks of life leading to the clarity of mind, facilitating harmonious living and showing the way to rise above mundane lifestyle. She has extensively spoken on myriad subjects like mind, meditation, emotions, health, indulgence, reality, God etc. and given erudite commentaries on numerous scriptures including Srimad Bhagawad Gita, Sri Guru Gita, Gurbani to name a few. She has devised a vast array of meditation methods to foster the growth of all those seeking to delve within, written several books of wisdom and given remarkably in-depth eloquent discourses on numerous sages from diverse backgrounds – then whether it is Buddha, Kabir or Rumi, Sikh Gurus, Sufi mystics or Zen masters, Meerabai, Sahajobai and the list goes on. Her discourses, meditation retreats and workshops are held from time to time at different places across the globe, open to every earnest seeker.

Rishi Amrit

May 2015
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Stuti Sutra
Stuti Sutra Stuti Sutra

Spiritual masters come with a message of hope for humanity and show a new way of leading life consciously. Having climbed the peaks to self-discovery, they come back as guides to the path to eternal truth. The masters remind us that we house within ourselves divine reality that is waiting to be discovered. Stuti Sutra is one such mesmerising musical accolade that sings glory unto the lotus feet of the master. Offering of love and gratitude that opens the gates of wisdom, the album starts with beautiful chanting followed by divine envision (manas pooja) worshipping the master. The next track 'The Enchanting' is one instrumental marvel that adds to the beauty of this album. And when you begin to feel tranquillity within your heart, like soothing moonlight, you would love to sing along with 'Gurudev Tumhari Jai Hove' lauding the Guru as a bright radiant moon of wisdom in the dark starry night of life. It exquisitely ends with ‘Aarti’ eulogising the Guru who pierces through the dar veils of ignorance of a disciple and lets him soar into the vast sky of absolute truth. And finally, just as the fragrance of rose cannot be described by a thousand words until you actually smell it, so also is Stuti Sutra, a fragrant tender flower, which cannot be described by shallow words. Open your heart with unconditional surrender and feel the magic for yourself!

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Shakti The Feminine Energy
She is weak. She should be submissive. She should do this. She shouldn’t do that. Since ages women have been conditioned with all the notions and dogmas to make her feel weak and helpless, which has kept her in dark for long and consequentially lead to low self-esteem. This book comes as a revelation that lays bare the truth about the power of feminine energy. It discusses the inherent potential of woman and how the misinterpretations of various religious scriptures and conservative mindsets have degraded the honour of women in society for their own selfish reasons. The clarity that it brings and the understanding that it offers unleashes the innate confidence in every woman. It is a tribute to womanhood and a must on every woman’s bookshelf.
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