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Gandharva Choir Recital
07 Sep 2014
Amrit Varsha
17 Sep 2014
21 Sep 2014
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Awe-inspiring music, insightful lyrics and mellifluous voice of Anandmurti Gurumaa create a magic of its own. Experience it all in the featured Gujarati bhajan 'Guru Na Vachan' that glorifies the profound words of the master flowing as divine grace so as to dispel the pervading darkness in the mind. It is when we let their essence percolate in our heart and mind that they begin to guide our path and catalyse our inward journey. It further points to the deeper intricacies of the inner world that can be decoded only by the master and imbibed only by the sincere aspirant. Simple yet mystical words of this captivating bhajan hold in itself the precious pearls of higher wisdom, conveying esoteric experiences, inspiring one to delve within. Immerse yourself in listening and let the fountain of bliss, wisdom and joy burst forth in your heart…

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Mind is hungry for lasting fulfillment, but does not know where to find it. Driven by ignorance, one runs after objects, relationships, events and experiences, looking for this elusive joy. And such is the frenzy to get, grab and indulge in sensual gratification that temporary pleasure is mistaken for happiness. In this insightful video, beloved master Anandmurti Gurumaa explains that when the mind is weak and wavering, it enslaves. And then, one ends up lost and confused. On the other hand, a mind that is integrated is full of love, compassion and devotion, leading to calmness and dispassion. It has been drawn from the special retreat for seekers from abroad in Rishi Chaitanya Ashram, November 2013.


Anandmurti Gurumaa

Anandmurti GurumaaAn awakened being, a profound mystic and a contemporary master, Anandmurti Gurumaa is an exquisite synthesis of love and wisdom. Out of sheer compassion she has been bestowing upon people the greatest gift ever viz. guiding them from dark bondages of ignorance to the effulgence of liberating wisdom. Her pragmatic teachings are a great source of guidance for innumerable people from all walks of life leading to the clarity of mind, facilitating harmonious living and showing the way to rise above mundane lifestyle. She has extensively spoken on myriad subjects like mind, meditation, emotions, health, indulgence, reality, God etc. and given erudite commentaries on numerous scriptures including Srimad Bhagawad Gita, Sri Guru Gita, Gurbani to name a few. She has devised a vast array of meditation methods to foster the growth of all those seeking to delve within, written several books of wisdom and given remarkably in-depth eloquent discourses on numerous sages from diverse backgrounds – then whether it is Buddha, Kabir or Rumi, Sikh Gurus, Sufi mystics or Zen masters, Meerabai, Sahajobai and the list goes on. Her discourses, meditation retreats and workshops are held from time to time at different places across the globe, open to every earnest seeker.

Rishi Amrit

Sep 2014
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Sufi Sufi

Sufi is all about Love. Sufi & Sufism have often been associated with religious fervour, whereas they are far from that, for how can fragrance be confined or the infinite be captured. But the fact of the matter is that one cannot have a true understanding of these until one encounters a Sufi. This unique DVD set offers a treasure of love and wisdom from the heart of a Sufi for all lovers of God. It is a revelation of an esoteric path never openly shared before, as well as an invitation to cultivate the divine qualities that make one Sufi - egoless-ness, purity, humility, surrender...It is verily the compassion of the revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa who has showered upon us these precious pearls of wisdom, explicating them lucidly, so as to inspire the yearning for divine communion. It kindles the passion to seek earnestly and pray from the depths of the heart for grace, benediction and love. Well, all this comes at the price of ego, for it is the annihilation of ego that paves the way for inherent divinity to manifest its grandeur. Come, tread the journey of divine love, ecstasy and bliss… This DVD set is a compilation of profound, mesmerising and insightful talks delivered during special retreats on 'Sufi' by Anandmurti Gurumaa held in 2004 & 2005.

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Millie - Main Ek Ladki Hoon
We grow up to become what we are conditioned in our childhood. Tender, open, receptive – such is the mind of a child. So it observes, grasps and imbibes all that it is exposed to. You speak a word of praise and their joy knows no bounds. You speak a harsh word and they sob. You speak a word of inspiration and they get inspired for life. And all of this goes a long way in shaping up their personalities. One such story is that of Millie. As it normally happens with girls, she too is brought up with a differential treatment in the family wherein girls are considered no less than curse. Why? Just because they are girls. But then her good luck brings to her the golden opportunity to listen to the revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. This becomes a life-changing experience for her. How does that happen? How does one talk by the master changes her completely? How does that transform her life? Know about it all in this inspirational story of Millie, I am a Girl. Be inspired. Inspire others. Live a life of inspiration.
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