Karma Vs. Destiny


Simply put, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’, is the essence of the law of karma, which works irrespective of whether one believes in it or not. Like it doesn’t matter if one believes in the law of gravity or not, it continues to work as per its nature, and so does the law of karma. In fact what we call destiny too is not God-made but is part and parcel of our own karma. Now the question arises as to whether there is any choice in discerning what to sow and what not! For it is this irrefutable law that makes one experience the consequences resulting in the duality of happiness and sorrow. It makes one go on a roller-coaster without any clue about how it works. Thus it calls for a deeper understanding of this irrefutable reality of life, so that one can break free from the bondage of karma. In this DVD revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa addresses the various aspects of Karma vs. Destiny, unravelling the nuances, guiding to evolve from self-centred to selfless actions. It enables one to emerge from the smothering smoke of ignorance, step down from the relentless wheel of karma and walk into the absolutely liberating freedom of being who you really are!