Rasiya Sang Rang Barse

Set of 5DVDs & 1 MP3 CD

Apparently Holi is all about festival of colours, but it means a lot more when seen from a divine perspective. And this perspective comes to light only when the master explains the significance of the occasion. In this masterpiece collection of Holi satsangs titled Rasiya Sang Rang Barse, Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa has elucidated what this celebration verily means for a seeker. In these rare talks, Holi is explained as an analogy to the inner celebration of eternal colours. It's a nectarous shower of true colours - love, devotion, longing, yearning, surrender, faith, wisdom, yoga amongst many more. Grace of the Guru is abound but how shall a disciple deserve to receive it, for one needs to have purity of heart & mind to facilitate such a great phenomenon. And when the mind is not yet clear of the grime of ego, attachment, aversion, even the Guru's gracious presence, boundless compassion, doesn't catalyse any transformation. What would happen when in such a state of mind, the seeker desires to be imbued in the colour of the master? He needs to first of all wash off all the worldly colours of desires, attachments and so on. The first steppingstone towards this goal is to strive for purity, and there are various ways which are very beautifully explained in this collection of five DVDs plus free Mp3 featuring audio of all DVDs. The five DVD titles in this set are: Rang Ujla Antarang, Khila Vasant, Prem Ki Holi Rang Rangili, Kaanha Mohi Rang Daari and Rang Rasiya. Absorb the essence of these talks, fill your life with holy colours, to bring about the true celebration of Holi in your life.