Mind Nu Mechanism


Mind Mechanism is the second book in the series on Mind Management, encapsulating simple yet profound tools on how modern day man can live a healthy, stress-free and joyous life. We live our entire lives with this mind of ours, and therefore it goes without saying how important it is to understand how mind functions in order to manage it well. It is really unfortunate that neither in schools, colleges nor at home is one taught ways to train and manage the mind. And this is the reason why in spite of having all sorts luxuries and comforts, people still suffer from mental as well as physical ailments. Where on one hand an undisciplined mind is one’s biggest enemy, on the other hand the converse is also true. It is only through the enlightening guidance of the master that one can live bondage-free from the vagaries and shackles of the mind. Only a master, a Guru, a liberated being, can teach us how to train and tame this mind, thus empowering us to live fully, consciously and happily, come what may…