Mind Undressed


‘Going Beyond the Mind, is Going Beyond all Suffering.’ Suffering is a stranger to no one. Who hasn’t gone through the pangs of broken relationships, who hasn’t experienced the anguish of thwarted desires, who hasn’t been disappointed by people not meeting up with their expectations? Who isn’t disgruntled with his or her life for one reason or the other? Indeed, suffering is universal. But most interestingly enough, the cause, the entity behind this universal suffering is a complete stranger to most humans. And perhaps the biggest irony of all is that this ‘stranger’ is closer to you than your own shadow! Yes, it is none other than your own mind. So, say hello to your mind. Meet your mind as you have never met before. In ‘Mind Undressed’ the author peels through its intricate layers, disrobes it such that it is stripped down to its very core. This book draws upon the profound experience of an enlightened being who has not only understood this ill-understood entity but has managed to transcend it, thus rising well above all notion of suffering. Anandmurti Gurumaa, an illumined being who has resolved all existential questions, who has realised the purpose of human life by realising the absolute reality, showers her benevolence on mankind through this remarkable book that exhaustively evinces all aspects of this elusive entity called mind. With assured conviction and fluid eloquence she takes us through all the complexities and ends up simplifying the process such that the working of the human mind will be readily comprehensible to ordinary folk. By revealing the mechanics and the dynamics of our mind, by showing us how a fractious mind becomes a hell raiser of suffering, in effect she reveals that the source of our suffering is none other than our own untamed mind. And much to the relief of the reader she offers the panacea by sagaciously elaborating the technique of taming this shrew such that one can bid adieu to suffering forever.