Shankaracharya Krit Bhajagovindam (Hindi)


‘Bhaj Govindam’ by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa elucidates the beautifully poetic yet powerful verses composed by Adi Shankaracharya centuries ago, which capture the essence of Vedanta. Seeing a Brahmin with furrowed brow, trying to learn Sanskrit grammar by heart, Shankaracharya’s spontaneous and compassionate admonishment to him was “Bhaj Govindam!” To wake up to the fact that life is short and chanting the Lord’s name alone can ferry one across the turbulent ocean of samsara. For it is this which is the refuge, the shore, the haven against storms of desire, passions, and fear of death. Thus did these timeless verses come forth from the pious, learned and erudite Shankaracharya, verses which are relevant even today to shatter the ignorance of eons and liberate us from the bondage of our attachments and desires. These 31 verses had been lucidly explained by Gurumaa during a retreat and are now compiled here in book form. Only an enlightened one can lead others out of ignorance and Anandmurti Gurumaa is such, an epitome of wisdom and compassion. Through these profound verses, Gurumaa unveils as to what makes an aspirant eligible for the highest wisdom, what characteristics a disciple should embody, who can be called a true renunciate and more. Let this profound text touch your heart, illumine your intellect and make you an ardent lover of the Divine!