Satguru Pura Payo


Fragrance of incense wafts across the room and builds up an aura of peace and harmony. So is the eternal fragrance of a master who personifies That which is the ultimate truth, and this is the reason why the presence of the master connects one with the inner peace and bliss. It is the benediction of Lord that one encounters a master in life. And it is the outpouring of the master’s compassion that he bestows the light of wisdom on one and all. The great significance of the grace of the master cannot be encapsulated in words. This book is a compilation of the discourses of Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa in which she explains in detail about the need and role of a master in the seeker’s journey to Truth. She elaborates upon the essence of the master and how the boundless grace blended with the sincere practice accelerate the growth of the seeker. Read and reflect on the pearl of wisdom shared by the revered master through this book.