Sadguru Kaun


There are Gurus, and then there are yet more Gurus....! These days, the word 'Guru' is bandied about in a most casual, haphazard way. In this proliferation of run-of-the-mill individuals, encountering a true master, a Sadguru is rare indeed. It is only with the grace of the Sadguru that one gets to know and understand the distinction between various types of Gurus and a Sadguru. In fact it is only with the infinite grace of the true master that one gets a chance to become a true disciple. This beautiful masterpiece 'Sadguru Kaun?' is a collection of talks by the revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa on Gurus, Sadguru and Shishya. It is an eye-opener, a guide and a true companion for every seeker.
This beautiful collection is the ultimate answer to an aspirant's search. It answers a vast array of questions, viz. - Is the mantra giver, a Guru? Is the one who expounds scriptures, a Guru? Can tantrics be called Gurus? Can the Guru who is no more alive help the disciple? Who is a Sadguru? How can a Sadguru help the disciple in his last moments of life? Besides the extensive elucidation on Gurus, this book also has a special section for disciples. Who is a disciple? What are his attributes? How does one live in the guidance of the Sadguru? What is the significance of devotion towards the master? The oneness of Guru-Shishya; the sublime relationship of Guru-Shishya; the true meaning of Deeksha; the ultimate understanding about surrender and the nectar of Sewa - these are some of the other gems in this classic collection. It is not simply to be read from cover to cover. Each article needs your total attention and time for contemplation to imbibe its essence. As you read along, you will find the fragrance of Sufism too in this bouquet of Guru-Shishya. There are Sufi Poems by Gurumaa along with a leaf from the lives of Baba Bulle Shah, Rumi and Kabir.
It is only the Sadguru who with infinite compassion, words of wisdom and sometimes with hard whacks guides the disciple, to unveil the innate discriminative wisdom, the most precious treasure. This timeless classic encompasses it all!