Kabira Ram Yu Sumiriye

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This book is a compilation of discourses by Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa on Kabir Sahib and his cryptic poetry. The maverick mystic Kabir dared to speak up against ignorance and egotism of anyone, irrespective of religion, caste, or any other man made differences. Ironically, he spoke in the common man’s dialect but challenged even the conservative scholars, puritans, pseudo religious heads and ritualists. His fiery words illumined the hearts of those who could understand the depth of their meaning. It is not easy to understand the essential meaning of Kabir Sahib’s bani. These illuminating expositions by revered master unravel the mysteries hidden in his verses, yet leave a lot to be explored and demystified. Take a plunge into the world of these mystics and be transformed with their touch of wisdom!