Vasana Se Upramta Tak


Like it, hate it, but we cannot ignore it. Whether we admit it or not, sex plays a very important role in our lives. After all, it’s because of sex that we all are here! Animals, birds, reptiles and even insects all have a courtship and mating season, however, it is only the human species that craves sex year-round. And sometimes, this primordial drive can become such an obsession that man will go to any length, ethical or unethical, just to satisfy this primal urge, this instinctual basic need. Is sex just a bodily function for momentary pleasure or does it fulfill an emotional lacuna? Can it ever satiate the perennially hungry senses? Is it only for self-gratification and procreation or merely a power trip? Could there be a spiritual dimension to this much-condemned yet universally indulged ‘activity’? Is ultimate bliss only a concept, or does it really exist? Is homosexuality ‘normal’ in today’s so-called ‘modern’ times? Where does ‘love’ figure in any of this, if at all?! This book is an enlightened perspective on this age-old controversial topic by revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. It peels off the numerous layers surrounding it, layers that ‘civilised’ society has draped in an attempt to keep sex conveniently under wraps - hidden, mysterious and enigmatic. It offers not just a tiny peek but a refreshingly candid in-depth elucidation of what sex is and what it is not and also describes how this most powerful energy can be channelised as an asset on the path to a profound spirituality.