Millie - I Am A Girl


We grow up to become what we are conditioned in our childhood. Tender, open, receptive – such is the mind of a child. So it observes, grasps and imbibes all that it is exposed to. You speak a word of praise and their joy knows no bounds. You speak a harsh word and they sob. You speak a word of inspiration and they get inspired for life. And all of this goes a long way in shaping up their personalities. One such story is that of Millie. As it normally happens with girls, she too is brought up with a differential treatment in the family wherein girls are considered no less than curse. Why? Just because they are girls. But then her good luck brings to her the golden opportunity to listen to the revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. This becomes a life-changing experience for her. How does that happen? How does one talk by the master changes her completely? How does that transform her life? Know about it all in this inspirational story of Millie, I am a Girl. Be inspired. Inspire others. Live a life of inspiration.