Prem Deewani Meera


Despite undergoing intense sadhana for hundreds of years, even great yogis find themselves deprived of the ultimate bliss because of the presence of ego. However, love is one such weapon that easily kills this monster. Meera was one such revolutionary embodiment of love who became an inspiration for many. She was the queen of Rajasthan, but Meera’s fame spread far and wide because of her love, dispassion and devotion to Lord Krishna. Even as a child, she adored Krishna and carried a little statue of Krishna with her wherever she went. Considering herself as the chaste wife of Krishna, she subjected herself to ridicule, hatred and anger, yet her love for her beloved Krishna continued unabated. At times, Meera in her divine fervour experienced the most sublime experiences, but these would not last and then she would suffer the pangs of separation from her beloved. Persecuted by her family and full of anguish, longing for the everlasting divine union, she renounced everything and set out on this quest. As the saying goes, “Guru bin gyana na upaje, guru bin mile na moksha”, it was only after meeting and getting guidance from her Guru, Sant Ravi Das that she attained enlightenment. Prem Deewani Meera is all about Meera’s journey of love, dispassion and surrender wherein Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa has beautifully unravelled the mysteries of the path of love. Open your hearts and let it be filled with divine love.