Prem Deewani Meera

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Despite undergoing intense sadhana for hundreds of years, even great yogis find themselves deprived of the ultimate bliss because of the presence of ego. However, love is one such weapon that easily kills this monster. Meera was one such revolutionary embodiment of love who became an inspiration for many. This beautiful book by Sadgurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa captures the essence of Meera’s mystical journey. Meera was a passionate devotee, a bhakta in the true sense and yet, she was also a spiritual revolutionary, bold, free-spirited and very much ahead of her times. Gurumaa evocatively brings to us the depth of Meera’s love for her beloved Lord Krishna, the longing she experienced, her anguish at separation, the fervour of her search and ultimately her meeting with her Guru, Sant Ravi Das, which led her to her goal. Open your hearts to let it be filled with divine love.