Quote Of The Day

Rise above mediocrity.

20 Mar 2023

I came from the US to the ashram in mid-October 2016, desperate for change in my life, with two main goals: 1) Become free of the daily doses of anti-depressants I had been on since seven years and 2) Learn how to deal with stress to prepare myself for medical school.

Living beings cannot live without water. Thus irrespective of whether the body is healthy or sick, water is indispensable to all creatures, man being no exception. Ayurveda states that water consumed in appropriate quantity works as nectar to the body. On the contrary, if one drinks too much, water can be as harmful as a toxin.

The veil of maya makes everything that is impermanent look attractive and tempting. Maya means illusion but has other meanings as well - deceit, trickery, enchantment or wickedness.