The whole game of this life is about knowing and not knowing. The gyāni knows and thus lives this life beautifully, fearlessly. Agyānis, on the other hand, live with all sorts of fears, anxieties, and worries. And fear of death is the root of all fears. Not knowing what death is, one is fearful of the unknown.

Birth and death are two faces of the same coin. They are distinct phases...

These days, it’s almost become a fashion, a competition, even a pastime for people to sit and compare their doctors’ prescriptions or even their surgeries! Society has become so unhealthy that almost every other person is on painkillers, tranquilizers, sedatives, or some other form of medication. And more often than not, it’s because the mind is in tension and turmoil, anxiety, and depression.

If we take a closer look at both body and mind, we...

Nestled in the heart of Gannaur, Haryana, the Rishi Chaitanya Ashram stands as a testament to the exquisite beauty of nature. This serene sanctuary, abundant with a diverse array of trees and water bodies, has become a haven for seekers and birdwatchers alike. With a staggering 68 species of birds gracing its surroundings, the ashram paints a picturesque tapestry of ecological richness.

दुर्गाष्टोत्तरशतनाम स्तोत्रम् | Shree Durga Ashtottara Shatanama Stotram

श्री गुरु पादुका स्तोत्रम्  | Guru Pãdukã Stotram by Shri Adi Shankaracharya


Guru Paduka Stotram is a beautiful devotional hymn composed by Shri Adi Shankarāchārya dedicated to the holy pattens of the reverential Guru, praying to Him to show the path towards salvation and obviate the snares and pitfalls on this journey!


Calming, comforting and uplifting—...

Daridrya Dahan Stotram composed by Maharishi Vashishtha is all about paying salutations to the omnipotent Lord Shiva- the One who is the destroyer of grief emanating out of the sense of inadequacy. Speaking of Mahadev's infinite glories, the Stotram chants are sure to permeate one's heart and fill it with immense strength, devotion, and love for the Shiva.

The famous Shiva Panchakshara Stotram composed by Shri Aadi Shankarãchãrya glorifies the lord Shiva and the power of the five sacred syllables, Na-Ma-Shi-Va-Ya. The human body constitutes five elements, and these holy letters represent these elements. The syllable 'Na' sanctifies prithvi- the earth element, 'Ma' energizes jala or the water, 'Shi' energizes agni- the fire element, 'Va' energizes vayu- the air element and finally 'Ya' energizes Akasha- the space element. Reciting these verses energizes our body systems,...

A lot many people are not aware of how crucial appropriate breathing is. No wonder one utilises only a tiny portion of a total potential respiratory capacity because of poor breathing habits.

श्री दुर्गाद्वात्रिंशन्नाममाला स्तोत्र | Durgã Dvãtrinshnnãmamãlã Stotram

A famous Sanskrit aphorism registered in the great Puranas says. "Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande." It can be interpreted as "All that is outside you is within you."