The path of devotion says, don't leave anything; if your association drops on its own, then be it. Why? Because then you won't make any announcement of it. But, If you consider having 'abandoned' something, you'll make the world know.

Believing is not substantiated by evidence; whereas, knowing IS. It doesn't take any intelligence, wisdom, seeking, or even rationale for believing. Believers can believe anything - Anandmurti Gurumaa.

From autumn through harsh winter, the land goes barren, leaves fall, and the grass goes lifeless. Wearing the veil of darkness, everything plunges into a deep slumber. Such is the view outside, but what about the ominous gloom that dwells within us?

In a typical world, while going about the daily chores, one seldom feels the urge to delve deeper, to comprehend the true purpose of human life. However, a revolutionary change dawns when one's intellect gets refined and becomes razor-sharp by the virtue of Guru's grace and constant contemplation of what is true and what is not!

Obesity is a modern-day lifestyle disorder, referred to as 'Medorog' in Ayurveda. Unfortunately, diseases like Diabetes mellitus type 2, obesity, fatty liver, stroke, heart attack, and cancer are all self-induced in their real sense—which were a rare occurrence until 300 years ago. Even today, if you happen to visit a village, you will barely find an obese person— while 3 out of every 10 people in a city are found to be overweight. Post-1970s, sedentary lifestyle and the adoption of the...

White sugar is considered to be an essential ingredient in every kitchen. According to Ayurveda, every meal we eat should have six kinds of rasa – sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy, and astringent. 

aho bata mahat pāpaṁ kartuṁ vyavasitā vayam |
yad rājya-sukha-lobhena hantuṁ sva-janam udyatāḥ ||

Health indeed is one’s true wealth. It’s not only an indicator of the vigour and vitality required to lead one’s life but also an essential prerequisite to achieve harmony in multiple spheres of our existence. In short, the adoption of a ‘Healthy lifestyle’ remains indispensable to attain sound wellbeing. 

In an arduous journey towards realizing one's purest self and living our life term consciously and well, maintaining a healthy state of mind and body becomes imperative. This is where holistic health comes in to play its part and, the science of Ayurveda helps us immensely with that. Our great Rishis, who experientially explored the systems of Ayurveda, have laid out some principles to follow in the name of Dinacharya—A potent routine that can help improve your wellbeing...

It’s no secret that the human body is like a natural machine. Isn’t it a wonder, how all the vital functions in the body gets regulated much like on an automated mode? The digestive system works to assimilate various types of foods we take, the respiration is going on, the brain heart, kidneys, lungs, intestines, liver, pancreas; and all the other tissues and organs-all, function in several ways and also in a well-coordinated manner. The level of...

We are what we eat, or rather, digest. Unhealthy food can ruin health whereas good food can make it stronger. Hundreds of years ago, in Bharat, people ate mixed grains, with more of millets. Slowly things changed and now it’s just wheat and rice which is giving rise to obesity, infertility, incontinence, diabetes and many more diseases.