A Day in the Ashram

Living in master's shadow

Come and take a resolve to be a true yogi and live the yogi lifestyle! Ashram is an energy field pulsating with vigor and vitality, just the haven of peace that you’ve been looking for. Also, it is definitely a must try for one who is in the quest for Self as it gives you a chance to perform spiritual practices under the guidance of the Master in a natural beautiful surrounding, conductive to meditation and sadhana. A day in the ashram is an experience exquisitely designed for your heart to be set free and flying!

Divine Aarti

Waking up in the ashram is always aligned to the nature’s intrinsic alarm. One can easily put the snoozing alarms aside to let the circadian rhythm effortlessly reset to default. Rise and shine in the auspicious Brahmamuhurata. Early morning Aarti, chiming temple bells, fresh bracing air, the silver splash of dawn fills one with awe, gratitude and joy- a wonderful way to welcome the day! 
The daily aarti takes place routinely every morning and evening in the tranquil atmosphere of the Ashram Temple. The heart of the temple accommodates the most serene, the most pristine statue of Lord Shiva, immersed in deep meditation. The divine face exemplifies best what an artistic production coming live looks like; decorated and worshipped with fragrant flowers, the statue appears even more ineffable through the clouds of fragrant incense. 
The oscillating ringing of bells along-with the loud blowing of conches are well synchronised with the Sanskrit stotras jointly sung, help invoke the divine blessings and higher wisdom from the lord and the master; perhaps a glimpse of Shiva- the true Self, in one’s own being.

Asana & Pranayama

Followed by divine Aarti, it is time to S-t-r-e-t-c-h those lazy muscles, feel the energy coursing through your veins, the sweat trickling down your face-there’s no way you will feel sleepy after the Yoga asana session! Then comes invigorating, energising pranayama- breathe deep, throw the garbage out, and feel light, calm and happy. 
Under the guidance of revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa, yoga is an integral part of the daily ashram schedule. Disciples of the Master conduct early morning classes of yoga asana, for beginners and for regular practitioners. Both classes follow a series of asanas meticulously designed by the revered Master. Asanas are about strength and flexibility as well as alignment, grace and poise. In fact, it is meditation in movement.
Pranayama also prepares physical and subtle body for the powerful currents of meditation. 
In this way, when we perform asanas and pranayama awarefully, only then do we fathom their higher purpose – awakening of the supreme consciousness.


Walk down to the Patanjali meditation hut surrounded by brilliant hues and cheerful bursts all the way. And with the twilight around the corner, it is time to take a dip within.
Although the term ‘meditation practice’ is commonly used in place of dhyana, however there is a considerable difference between the two as the first is a practice while the latter is a state of being. When the one-pointedness of the mind reaches the point of maturation, the disciple effortlessly advances into dhyana. Daily meditation sessions are conducted in Patanjali meditation hut. Dive in, and swim on the waves of ecstasy.

Master's Darshan

Darshan literally means a ‘blessing which flows from the mere sight of a saint’. When the master is in the ashram, everyone looks forward to daily darshan and Sunday darshan. This is the time when the master meets aspirants who come from far and wide to soak in the divine atmosphere. One may find himself immersed in tears or joys, or perhaps swept in spontaneous dance right in her presence.
The master may casually interact with disciples and devotees, narrate stories and sometimes even a joke, but one can never comprehend the mysterious workings of the Master when it comes to the inner planes. She guides each seeker according to their needs and evolvement, be it by counselling or  through silence. It is during the time of darshan, that an entrancing moment between Master and disciple may transpire, and the seeker is transformed forever. 
Darshan with the master strikes you with such profound love, you’ll only be left craving for more. Ironically, you will be satiated in a way you’ve never been before! 

Recorded Discourses

Master’s recorded discourses and talks are an integral part of the routine usually conducted post-breakfast. Visiting seekers may immerse themselves in recorded discourses which are played in the Patanjali hut on a daily basis. They are mostly played in a sequential manner so that the seeker can gain an in-depth understanding of the topics discussed by the revered master. The soundproof space filled with vibrant energy offer a peaceful and calming experience. These sessions are no less than a dip into meditation and an opportunity to reflect. 
Listen attentively, contemplate even more and then practice, practice, practice....

Selfless Service

After filling up your tummy, you can volunteer for some sewa-selfless service. It purifies the mind like nothing else. There’s always something to be done; You could serve with your analytical, writing or computer skills or you could help us garden and maintain the greenery, help in nurturing and watering trees and plantations. You could serve at Mandala - the ashram book and merchandise store or at the cafe. You could roll chapatis in the cookhouse or help us maintain cleanliness in the premises of the ashram. You can join hands in making soap or assist us in cultivating medicinal plants. The options are endless for every disciple.
There is a common saying that it is easy to be a saint in the mountains but the real challenge is to be one in the marketplace. Not only does it allow you to be in a positive environment but it also brings you in communion with like-minded spiritual beings. Although service can commence with resistance and tiredness, it always culminates in energetic strong body and calm mind. Service can turn into a notable meditation.


Swadhyaya is a Sanskrit term which means self-study and introspection. The peaceful and beautiful premises of the Ashram give ample opportunity and space for self-study. Swadhyaya does not simply mean reading of a scripture or a book, it involves deep contemplation on the meaning of the knowledge gained.
“Self-study is a must on the path of knowledge; along-with repeated reading of scriptures and reflection in continuum". Only in solitude and deep immersion one can contemplate on existential questions, like ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What is the purpose of my life?'
Soaked in such ambience with chirping birds, fragrances of abundant flowers and trees, one can peacefully immerse in contemplation with any available scriptures or books exposited by the master.

Embrace a yogic life with a stay in the ashram and reap the benefits of being in the company of the wise who alone can reveal the method of living with the realisation of one's own transmundane existence.