The path of devotion says, don't leave anything; if your association drops on its own, then be it. Why? Because then you won't make any announcement of it. But, If you consider having 'abandoned' something, you'll make the world know.

From autumn through harsh winter, the land goes barren, leaves fall, and the grass goes lifeless. Wearing the veil of darkness, everything plunges into a deep slumber. Such is the view outside, but what about the ominous gloom that dwells within us?

ananya-cetāḥ satataṃ yo māṃ smarati nityaśaḥ| tasyāhaṃ sulabhaḥ pārtha nitya-yuktasya yoginaḥ||14||

With the grace of the master, realisation dawns that the ephemeral cannot ever know the eternal. Then one turns within, passionately seeking the Beloved, offering the lotus of the heart at the feet of the master, for only the Lord, the master, loves unconditionally. One prays whole-heartedly for this benediction to fill one’s being. Describing this state, a poet poignantly appeals, “Oh breath, flow gently, your movement disturbs my prayer...”

It is difficult to be born as a human being. It is even more difficult for wisdom to awaken within, which ultimately gives rise to the urge to make the most of human life. If this wisdom doesn’t awaken, people waste their entire lives in the pursuit of sensory gratification. It is only as a result of good fortune that someone gets blessed with the company of sages. And it is in this hallowed company that there is...