Health indeed is one’s true wealth. It’s not only an indicator of the vigour and vitality required to lead one’s life but also an essential prerequisite to achieve harmony in multiple spheres of our existence. In short, the adoption of a ‘Healthy lifestyle’ remains indispensable to attain sound wellbeing. 


First and foremost, let’s talk about the importance that ‘nutrition’ carries in blessing one with sound health. Staple Indian diet, constituting adequate amounts of healthy fat with the presence of shadarasa (the six kinds of tastes), fresh vegetables and fruits, pulses, lentils alongside adequate use of spices, play a significant part in keeping the body healthy. Under the Ayurvedic dietary system, the type of food in-take is suggested keeping in mind the seasons and individual’s present health status, that helps promote holistic nutrition.


Taking a balanced meal is also necessary to regulate blood cholesterol levels, besides keeping the body in a healthy metabolic state in general. If you wish to improve the constitution of your body, avoiding too much intake of refined foods like white sugar, salts, and refined flour in your diet are important primary points to be kept in mind. Instead, consuming coarse ground grains and millets grown through traditional agricultural practices yields health and wellbeing. Cow’s ghee is another vital ingredient that should be a part of your everyday diet. Here’s why.


Cow’s Ghee | A boon for physical wellbeing


Cow’s ghee, which is considered as Prasadam (religious offering), if included in the diet in its wholesome (unmodified) form, can have tremendous beneficial outcomes for your health.

❖ It is known to enhance the intellect (as mentioned in Ayurveda texts), impart health to the eyes, improve the skin, strengthen bone joints, and ligaments. 

❖ You may be surprised to know, but traditional Indian food including desi ghee made from cow’s milk helps in regulating the cholesterol levels in the blood. Good cholesterol, which is required by the body for the proper functioning of the cells, ensures a healthy body state. 

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Dietary Choices and their impact on Health and Ecology


Consuming wheat, rice, vegetables and fruits, grown using modern-day agricultural practices that involve the use of genetically modified seeds and spray of tonnes of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals, harms the body. One of the prominent reasons for chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer is the consumption of grains and cereals grown using chemical-based agricultural techniques. These chemicals are also negatively impacting our soil and groundwater resources. That is why we must resort to our traditional nature-aided agricultural practices and use indigenous seeds of grain, millets and cereals for consumption. It will not only benefit our own health, but also the health of our ecology as a whole.


Yogasana- Finding the right balance


Alongside following the right diet, regularly and correctly practicing Yogasanas is also critical to achieve mind and body equilibrium. 

• The practice of asanas should become a significant part of your daily routine. However, it must be noted that it is highly recommended to learn them from a qualified and learned Yoga acharya in-person before practising. Merely trying to imitate the poses through mediums like television or books does not serve the purpose. In general, a daily practice of around 40-45 minutes of asanas is necessary. In the least, you should practice at least five Surya Namaskars in the morning each day.

● Practicing yogasanas proves to be beneficial even if you are taking Ayurvedic treatment for cardiovascular blockage or other conditions. However, in case you suffer from a certain disease, it is always advisable to take one-to-one advice from a good Yogacharya to find the right asanas to practice. 

● The holistic practice of asanas will not only save your heart but also limb joints, the back, ball socket joint of the hip and prevent these from wearing away. They save you from surgeries, side effects, expenses and worries! So, why deny yourself of the benefits that correctly practicing yogasanas can bestow upon you!


Rediscovering Wellbeing!

If you take a good diet and follow Yogasanas regimen, no disease can stay in the body. Also, besides making the right food choices, intermittent fasting gives rest to your system and helps in retaining a healthful state. Fasting for 24 hours, once a week essentially rejuvenates your system. 

And remember, these sutras (vital tips) for healthy living are given by our great Yogis who have walked the talk. They have lived with vigour and vitality, to a ripe age span following these practices that are highly conducive for the human body. Let’s resolve to take full benefit of these life mantras that has been so benevolently offered by our revered sages for the upliftment of entire mankind.


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