Enjoy This Journey Called Life Part - 2

4283 views | 13 May 2011

How about leading a life which is full of happiness, tranquility, placidity and serenity? How about becoming master of your own mind and making your life stress-free and tension-free? That is how a spiritual aspirant lives his life where every moment and every breath becomes a celebration. Watch this complete video by contemporary mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa who is giving the golden rules to live in perfect bliss undauntedly and breaking free from all the shackles of bondages and stress. It is very essential to understand that our body is the extension of our mind. So if our mind is sick, the body would be inevitably diseased. A physician is competent only to cure the physical ailments but nobody can alleviate sickness of the mind. Moreover, in spite of living a highly stressed and miserable life, the misconception of being healthy jeopardise the state of mind. The reality is that man doesn't understand the reciousness of his life and squanders his whole life in futile pursuits. This eventually results in diseased body and mind. So, it is essential to bear in mind that until and unless one learns to love himself, no happiness could even enter his vicinity.

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