Do You Know Your True Identity?

2014 views | 10 Jun 2011

We keep associating ourselves with everything around us, with the values we have grown up with, with our possessions, and most of all, with our body. Then we keep flaunting this false image to the world; we have no idea about who we really are. If we were to disassociate ourselves from everything we have or own, from family, wealth, status, beliefs -- who would we be then? On the projected strength of what we think belongs to us, we move around with a huge bloated ego, thinking we are superior to everyone. We throw tantrums if our needs are not met. We become angry if someone insults us. In this video, master Anandmurti Gurumaa puts across some very important teachings which help us to take a good look at our behaviour and dispel the false notions which keep us from experiencing reality.

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