Life Transforming Yogic Techniques | A Timeless Treasure

2129 views | 25 Aug 2023

The grace bestowed upon us by our venerable sages and Mahatmas knows no bounds. It is a collective fruit of their countless blessings and our virtuous karmas that one gets to listen to the timeless wisdom of the Vedas and practice powerful and life transforming Yogic techniques. Post that, the onus lies on us to imbibe the learnings and practice with diligence. Quoting a few practitioners, revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa reiterates how a Sadhana done with total commitment & devotion may ripen into profound and often startling experiences, opening you up to the planes unchartered and unknown. Param Pujya Gurudev further highlights the importance of a disease-free body and sound mind in order to reap the best that Yoga Nidra has to offer. Let’s hear it all in this video drawn from special Q/A series undertaken by revered Gurudev, addressing queries from online practitioners of Yoga Nidra.

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