Meditation Retreat

gift yourself a life of love, wisdom, bliss

Meditation is the secret road to reaching where you already are. It is the finding that which is never lost. It is attaining that which is ever-attained. It is the unravelling of one’s own true Self. It is experiencing that which you already are! What makes this possible is the tender love and benevolence of a Guru. Come & Experience what true bliss feels like in the presence of the Master. 

Everyone wants joy. And that too, never-ending and boundless. Thus, people keep chasing fleeting worldly pleasures, seeking bliss in objects and relationships. But it remains elusive as proven time and again by the fact that the richest man in the world is not necessarily the happiest. The biggest fallacy is to look for happiness without. Yes, you do get temporal pleasures in the world of phenomena, but they go with the blink of an eyelid. Not only are the worldly joys fleeting but they also come along with their inseparable counterpart, pain. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand. Without understanding the nature of this world, the nature of your real self – one cannot be free of this duo.

Meditation- the journey inward..

Eternal, boundless unadulterated joy can be found in only one place: within. The journey from without to within is meditation. From thoughts to thoughtlessness, from chaos to peace, from ephemeral to eternal. Meditation is the tool that introduces you to your real Self. 

The overflowing Grace

Revered Master Anandmurti Gurumaa, has compassionately bestowed her immense grace upon the disciples by introducing them to a number of meditation techniques through various meditation retreats. These retreats have a profound impact on the disciples whose serene faces exhibit the tranquil state of mind and the ineffable transformative and transcendental experience.  It not just empties the mind of its emotional baggage, but also brings it in a state of ethereal calm and equipoise.

From doing to non-doing 

As the master says: ‘All meditation techniques are preparatory. Meditation cannot be taught. No one can put you in this state. I can only give pointers because you need first-hand experience to really understand. I have devised a number of techniques which you can choose depending upon your aptitude. Start off with any method and then let the moment come when the method drops off. And what remains is intense, palpable, profound stillness. That is the sole objective of the meditation aids. From mind to no-mind, from thoughts to thoughtless awareness, from chaos to stillness, from doing to non-doing, this is meditation’.

The retreat programme

Meditation retreats are held throughout the year in the ashram. These are 3 to 5 days residential programs and cater to individuals from all walks of life. The right method of preparation needs to be learnt from the master, else one can spend lifetimes striving yet not arriving. Morning and evening sessions are held where techniques to delve deeper are elucidated. These sessions are an integral part of the retreat and offer a not to be missed opportunity to learn and experience what is really meant by meditation.