प्राणायाम करते हुए श्वास में भारीपन क्यों होता है? | Reasons Behind Breath Heaviness During Pranayama

2915 views | 30 May 2024

Ever wondered why your breath sometimes feels heavy during pranayama practice? Dive deep into the intricacies of pranayama with Param Pujya Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa in this enlightening discourse. In this session, Gurumaa unravels the mysteries behind the sensations experienced during pranayama, shedding light on the significance of breath awareness in yoga and meditation. Join us as we explore the connection between breath, body, and mind, and uncover the keys to a harmonious pranayama practice. You can email your spiritual questions for revered Gurudev Anandmurti Gurumaa to samvaad@gurumaa.com

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