Women The Power House Of Energy, Wisdom And Glory

8343 views | 24 Dec 2009

It has now been proved that a woman is genetically superior to a male, and, of course, it is the woman who gives birth, not the man. It is the woman who goes through labour pains, sometimes lasting days, not the man. So, a woman need never think that she is weak and in need of protection from her male counterpart all the time - she certainly is not weak! Religion too has contributed to this warped thinking. Another common belief propagated in the name of religion is that a woman is impure when she is menstruating. Revered master informs us that research has been conducted on this and it is proved that this is nothing but a myth. It is something concocted by limited minds to put down women and keep them conveniently suppressed. These myths need to be analyzed, challenged and transcended, not merely believed and blindly followed as tradition. Just think - how can something given by Mother Nature be polluting? Thus, it is time to rise above limited thinking and beliefs. It is time for women too to become aware of their own power, wisdom and glory. These discourses were bestowed to the girls of Vivekanand College, Delhi, by mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa.

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