Why Only Few Sadhaks Succeed In Their Sadhna?

1262 views | 09 Jul 2009

Question: As far as my understanding goes, there seem to be two ways of life, shreya and preya. Except a few, almost everyone longs for shreya and most people are trying their level best to walk on the path of shreya. These people are known as sadhaks. The questions are the following: Why are only few sadhaks able to do quality meditation i.e. sincere efforts to walk the path? Why cant most of humankind reach light? What is obstructing the way? Is it that difficult to practice meditation that only a few can do it? Please help me. Gurumaa Answers: Anupreksha, very few sadhaks are able to be successful in their sadhana for the simple reason that very few are sincere. Most of the time people are not sincere and the attachment and the desires of the sansara are so great and the mind is so much impassioned in the hope that this visible world can give the ultimate high. So people are running after it and God and Guru are somewhat like a time pass for most of the people. So when one is not sincere, and with this dishonesty if you are doing any practice, well you wont get any result. It is not that reaching out to the final awakening is difficult. The question is, what about the urge, what about the passion, what about the sincerity of the seeker? Well, if you dont have that, then you are not a seeker and only a seeker can attain. Not a person who is just curious. So Anupreksha, are you just curious or a seeker? Connect with Anandmurti Gurumaa on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/G.Ashram and on Twitter @GurumaaAshram

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