Which Meditation Is Recommended For A Deaf And Mute Individual?

3877 views | 30 May 2011

Question: I have a deaf and dumb cousin sister, she is around 42 years of age and we live in Denmark. Doctors are treating her with medication because signs of depression & other health problems. The medication makes her sleep for long hours. I shared "trataka" with her. She has never done any meditation. Can you please tell me which meditation is especially good for "deaf and dumb" who now also has depression (after what doctors say). Gurumaa: Well, this is a very difficult situation, because how can people who cannot hear me, understand me? Moreover, this question is from you, not from her, so until the person is ready to seek help from me, I cannot help anyone. It is very nice that you care about and have good feelings for this person, but most importantly this cousin of yours has to have the aspirations and will and wish to seek the help from me. In the meantime, you can pass on to her my books and other reading material from my website. If she is interested, then definitely we can think about what else we can do to bring her out of this problem.

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