Whats The Benchmark For Master To Be Called Enlightened?

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Q: I am confused to know who is enlightened. You are the one, how can I know? Day before yesterday, I was told by someone to whom I believe was also enlightened that you still have to experience enlightenment. I am shattered after the quest of 12 years; I am back to square one. Please feel my agony and help me if you feel like. I cannot demand; I am not your disciple though I am listening to you regularly. Attar Singh Gurumaa: Dear Attar Singh, let me give you some piece of advice, and my advice is this that if you think that your someone who you think is enlightened and if you have faith in that person and that person says that I am not enlightened then you should better follow him and stop listening to me. Why are you posting this question for me? Why do you want me that I should show you my certificate that yes I am enlightened. Why do you want me to give this claim to you or prove to you or clear up your confusions and doubts and suspicions about me? The best thing which you can do is don't listen to me, don't watch me, listen to that other person and don't be shattered and I would like to add one more thing, do you know if someone who is enlightened has some signs in their body one would have a big 500 voltage bulb behind his/ her head. Right! And when the person walks on the earth, he is never touching the feet, never touching the ground; its kind of floating all the time. Do you think that the other person has all these signs and symptoms? Jokes apart! Its only I who know whether I am enlightened or not. No one has that meter in their hand to check me or any other person and you can easily wash off any such comment or any such remark given by someone who thinks that he or she has the telescope to know who is enlightened or who is not enlightened. It is called, as per the scriptures Swa-Samvedana, You know it where you are.

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