What Should Be The Daily Schedule For A Spiritual Aspirant?

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Q : What is disciplined life? I am a student but I want to search myself, who am I, for what am I here? What should be my daily schedule in order to complete my daily work & also know myself? Gurumaa: Kiranjit, these aspirations of yours are very commendable. You are fortunate that your mind thinks on these lines. Regarding what you should do, it should begin right from the time when you get up to the time when you go back to sleep. Doing all your works, all your chores, you have to constantly remind yourself that you have to make out time for yourself, so that you can sit with yourself. And begin the structural growth beginning from the body, getting the right alignment & balance & correcting your posture & opening up your joints so that you can sit for long hours in meditation. If your body is weak, if your body is sick, if you don't have enough strength to sit, you would be moving all the time which means you won't be able to do the pranayama. If you can't do the pranayama, then you would never ever experience the higher states of pranayama in which the mind goes into the stillness & this stillness becomes the fore ground for meditation. So you will have to learn the basic asanas, the basic pranayama and also mantra chanting & incorporate it in your schedule. That means that minimum one and half hour in the morning and again one and half hour either in the evening or before you retire at the night time depending upon your will & wish & the choices which you are going to make. To learn asanas & pranayama, I can suggest you may come here in ashram spend some time - minimum 15 days. And God willing if you do this & if you would be willing then you would do this and then ashram would be happy to help you out.

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