What Is The Purpose Of Human Life?

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Q: Pranam! My name is Kevin. I am an eight year old boy from Maryland. Could you please guide me, what is the purpose of human life? Gurumaa: Dear Kevin, I think that I had met you when I was in Maryland. The purpose of life is what you want to make out of it and it is your decision what purpose you wish to assign to your life. Life as such, comes without any label on itself. It is we, the human beings, who have been blessed with great knowledge, great brain, great consciousness to think, to decide so as to what we want to make of our lives and why we want to do that. So, dear Kevin, you will have to decide what you want to do with your life and to be able to make such decisions, you will have to explore more, seek more, learn more and listen more. Gradually one day you will be capable enough to understand that life in itself is a great celebration and you don't have to do something to add to it. But, when you are bereft of something in your life, bereft of some dear thing in your life, then one begins to wonder that Oh! Why am I living? Why should I be living? What am I alive for? What is the objective and motive of my life? But, the actuality is that life is a great blessing in itself.

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