What Is The Process To Conceive A Spiritual Soul?

4902 views | 30 May 2011

Question: Is it positive or negative to try to conceive during spiritual days such as full moon, navratris etc.? Are there specific asanas & mantras to conceive spiritual soul? I read a similar question to which you answered for the person to visit you for guidance. Most likely I will not be able to come to India. Please guide me (long distance), thank you! Gurumaa: Well, this is not how things go about happening—that by trying to conceive on holy days you will have conceive a holy soul as a baby being. You have to be a holy person; you have to be a great, spiritual, pious, honest, sincere and dynamic person. Only then there is a possibility of a spiritual person to take birth in your family. So, it isn't just the days and muhurta that invokes such a spiritual being to come to your womb. You have to become a great, grand, truly and utterly spiritual person to have such a possibility in your life.

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