What Is Mantra Chanting? What Is The Correct Way Of Chanting? Part-2

84733 views | 31 Aug 2009

The rosary spins in the hand, the tongue spins in the mouth, the mind spins in four directions. If this is the state of the mind, then this is not the right way to remember God. Real simran happens only when it is being done with full consciousness. When your heart and mind is completely immersed in the mantra, we can say that the person is in Naamsimran. Many katha vachaks or orators say that it does not make any difference if the mind is moving in the outside world, still keep on moving the rosary beads in your hand, for this act will shower a divine grace or punya on you and God will be pleased. You can do it in any style, any emotion. If a mother calls her child or a wife calls her husband, they will hear her. The husband will not say that you did not call me mindfully. If the child calls its mother, she comes running. It makes no difference to her whether the child has sung her name in a certain raga or not. But my opinion is that the way you behave in worldly relationships, how can you behave the same way in spirituality? It is a very illogical logic. I cannot understand this because all the scriptures, all the sayings of the saints whether it be Tukaram or Eknath, they have all said the same thing that remember the Lord with emotion. It should be from the mind. Lord Krishna said a very beautiful thing in the Geeta that one who mindfully or concentratedly remembers me, I dwell in that being's heart. Krishna has not said this even once that he will be friendly with only those who remember with their tongue. Krishna is a lover of emotion, not of words.

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