What Are The Ways To Cultivate The Seed Of Meditation? Part-2

4461 views | 31 Aug 2009

A transformation always happens in a single moment. For a transformation, you do not need many years. Those who think that after many years of spiritual practice there will be some sudden change in them, they are being absolutely wrong because it does not happen like that. The mind changes in a jiffy. Suppose you were seeing a dream and somebody woke you up. How much time did it take you to break from that dream? As soon as the eyes had opened, the dream was over. The dream of this world which you are watching with eyes open is exactly similar and will also break in a moment. This world is not more than the night's dream. It is a lie, an illusion just the way the dream is. That is why I suggest that you meditate with the CD; listen to me again and again.

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