Is Kaya Ko Main Main Kyun Bole | Vedanta Bhajan

7226 views | 19 Aug 2023

Discover the essence of your true being in this soul-stirring bhajan by Bhikshuji, presented by Revered master Anandmurti Gurumaa. Shedding light on profound truths that this body is born and made of the five elements of nature, this rendition questions why the mortal frame is mistakenly referred to as 'I'. An embodiment of flesh and bones, destined to fade, yet within resides your divine entity, distinct and eternal. This corporeal dwelling, a realm of transitory woes woven from nature's elements, is not your core. Awaken to your inherent bliss, veiled by attachments, and relinquish the fallacy of self-identification. The call resounds, entreating the inner divinity to plunge inward, unveiling the authentic self and embracing liberation. Why forsake your veritable nature to embrace the illusion of 'I'? Reclaim your essence through this transformative journey.It has been drawn from the talks held at Jalandhar , 2023.

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