Understand Ida, Pingala And Sushumna

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Q: I have a Sikh friend and I myself am a Muslim and she is the one who started talking to me about the above words. Could not understand her in depth but whatever little I could grasp, found it very-very interesting. She also mentioned something about lotus on navel. Again, it was not very understandable. Gurumaa: Naseem, ida, pingala, sushumna - these are three channels. When I say channel, then it is not a physical nerve present in the body but these are the subtle path ways which are running in our whole body. Actually, there are 72,000 subtle nerves - nadies. Nadi means flow channels in our subtle body - not in this physical body made of bones, muscles. So if you cut any body, you will never find ida, pingala and sushumna. But out of these 72,000 nadies, 10 are the most important and out of those 10, 3 are the most important and ida, pingala & sushumna are these three. Ida can be called the lunar - the cool one, pingala is the solar which can be also called the fire channel & sushumna is actually in between ida & pingala & it opens up just for a few seconds. Actually, all functions: psychological, muscular, skeletal, anatomical are being controlled by ida, pingala & sushumna. Sushumna is also called the main path from where the energy rises and about this what you have written having lotus on the navel. It is not on the navel, actually the lotus is a sign of the energy vertex which are present in our spine. The spine is the physical, the spinal cord actually more precisely if I go - the spinal cord is a physical part but within it there are these centres present, beginning from the coccyx region all the way up to the head - medulla oblongata, there are 7 different vertex of energies which we call chakras. Definitely, this is something very deep & this is very-very interesting and I believe Naseem, you should definitely go deeper into it to understand it. But that can't be done here via the video. May be someday, come here & then we will take you to this journey of exploring what you really are & what is there within your mind & what is there within your body.

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