Think Even Before You Think!

45138 views | 18 Aug 2022

Once in a while, visiting a place of worship doesn't make one Dharmic or a righteous man of principles. There has to be an ingrained clarity of what differentiates a virtuous action from sin, a truth from a lie, and, more significantly, a clear-cut understanding of what should be done and what should never be done. Only such a highly reflective and solicitous person is bound to think even before giving weight to any thought cropping in their mind, for he knows that these thoughts are the seeds of future actions and the Karmic cycle that precedes after that. But from where does this clarity come, and why is it important? In this video excerpt, benevolent master Anandmurti Gurumaa beautifully explains the need to be contemplative, emphasizing the role of revered Mahatmas in sculpting us and re-engineering our thought process for the greater good.

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